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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ordering, Pickup & Delivery

Can I order online but delay the shipping or delivery date?

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Of course! You likely want to plant your product as soon as it arrives.  Please include the shipment date within the "Notes" section during checkout, or contact us after you placed your order. 

How do I pickup my purchase?

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After placing your order, you will receive notification within 24 hours that your purchase is ready for pick up or delivery.

Do you deliver?

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Yes, we deliver! If you would like more information regarding our delivery services please contact Marinus at 226-228-3601 or

What if I need to cancel my order?

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Yes, this is possible, however after payment has been made there is a 10% cancelation fee due to operational costs.

Are there discounts for wholesale orders?

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Yes, this is available for garden centres and wholesale nurseries. Please contact us at 226-228-3601 or for our wholesale price list.

Plant Care

Is there a general planting guide?

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Yes, this is available on our website. You can find it here.

The leaves on my tree are turning yellow. Why is this?

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This usually indicates there is too much water. Make sure that there is enough drainage where the tree has been planted. If it is potted, ensure there are holes in the bottom to allow water to drain.

The leaves on my tree are turning brown. Why is this?

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Brown leaves are often a sign of not enough water. Be sure to give your plant the correct amount of water, especially if it is potted. If you have recently planted your tree, ensure you give it plenty of water in the first few months of its life. If your tree is on a slope, water could potentially run off.

My tree died. Is there a guarantee?

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Yes, our shrub and tree guarantee is valid for 60 days from the time of purchase. However, we will request a photo and description of the damaged or unhealthy plant.

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